Meet the Findleys

May 26, 2020

You have to love a couple who has traveled extensively, spent five years living in Paris and celebrated their most recent birthdays working on a Habitat for Humanity home with 40 of their closest friends. These are the kind of people who are planning to move into Kingsboro at Lenbrook. This is Adrienne and Norm Findley.

They are an active couple. Adrienne just completed her second yoga teaching certification. Norm completed the Appalachian Trail in 2016. He is a trustee at Oglethorpe University and serves on the board of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Adrienne serves on the advisory board of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity where she has volunteered for over 30 years.

One cannot overstate the vibrancy, energy and zest-for-life held by the Findleys. They feed off each other’s positivity and enthusiasm. Although they were good friends at the same high school, they didn’t truly connect until the school’s five-year reunion, which Adrienne was organizing. More than 50 years later, their marriage has resulted in three wonderful sons. Two of the boys are married which brought two wonderful daughters in law into the family and five grandchildren.

Adrienne had several careers, many of which were in education. She even got a master’s degree in Industrial Management and went into accounting for a bit, but her passion for helping children always pulled her back. She works with a five-year in-depth program which prepares first generation students for college.

Norm is a retired Coca-Cola executive–30 years in marketing. “We moved seven times in the first 14 years of our marriage,” says Norm. While based in Paris, they traveled all over Europe. But France is still their favorite destination. Especially the Cote de Azur, in a little town called Villefranche-sur-Mer, just east of Nice. Norm says, “There’s a small hotel right on the water’s edge. You sit on your balcony and the sky is so beautiful. It’s my favorite place.” And seeing as the Findley’s have been so many places, that says a lot.

These days, the Findleys reside in Brookhaven, as they have for the past two decades. And because they love the convenience, accessibility and excitement of the area, they plan on staying nearby for quite some time. Adrienne and Norm have committed to Lenbrook’s marvelous new expansion, Kingsboro at Lenbrook.

The Findleys are so enjoying themselves, and they look forward to the easy, beautiful, hassle-free life that Lenbrook will offer. They can continue their travels without the worries of a home left unattended. And they can’t wait.

Reflects Norm, “You know at various stages of life, you say, ‘Wow, these are the good old days.’ But for us, THESE are the good old days.”

You have to love a couple like the Findleys.