Meet the Culpeppers

May 26, 2020

Lee Culpepper and Warren Culpepper have very different likes and personalities, and they would be the first to admit it. She’s a gardener. He’s a hiker. She is passionate about reading and collects books. He’s a connoisseur who collects wine. He currently maintains not one, but TWO wine cellars. Says Warren, “I have 1,500 bottles in Atlanta and 700 at Big Canoe.”

The Culpepers may have different tastes, but they sure have found plenty of common ground to have enjoyed a happy, active life these past 25 years. Warren would most likely describe them as the “perfect blend.”

Like most future Kingsboro at Lenbrook residents, Lee and Warren are multi-faceted, vibrant and extremely well-accomplished. Lee originally got a Chemical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, but shortly after made a career switch to psychology. She received her masters from Georgia State and then a PhD from the University of Georgia. Starting in 1996, she thrived in her own private practice. “I had two offices. One in Atlanta and one in Jasper, Georgia,” reports Lee. She absolutely loved her years working with and helping people, so much so, she didn’t retire until just recently.

Warren’s career took an entrepreneurial path, as he started his own firm advising software companies as a management consultant. “The company evolved into mainly providing surveys to these tech companies, mostly dealing with company salaries. Today, the company serves all kinds of businesses. I turned it over to my son more than a decade ago. He has grown it tremendously and is now doing business in 60-70 countries all over the world.

One thing Lee and Warren definitely share is a love of travel. They’ve cruised Alaska and went to Italy several times. Lee has a strong connection with Florence. And it’s no surprise Warren claims, “My favorite wines are some of the Super Tuscans.” In the fall of 2019, the Culpeppers took a lengthy and memorable trip to Switzerland. Now that they’re both retired, they plan on traveling more.

Lee and Warren had always known about Lenbrook—Warren says he always heard they had the best food! But it was their daughter-in-law who made them aware of the new Kingsboro at Lenbrook addition. Per her enthusiastic suggestion, they jumped on the opportunity.

They were thrilled with their choice of floorplans and the fact that they could make custom design choices. Lee is elated that their residence “…will have a really large courtyard of its own, with the right sun exposure, so I can do my container gardening there!”

The jury’s still out on whether the Culpeppers’ new place will have a wine “cellar.” But we’re pretty sure, they will have enough inventory to be able to welcome their new neighbors with a glass of wine.