Meet John Day

January 10, 2020

John Day is articulate, personable, diversely experienced and well, just plain smart.

So, it’s no surprise, this exceptionally intelligent Atlanta native has impressive academic credentials with an AB in Economics from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from Harvard Business School. John spent 30 years in public accounting, at both Arthur Anderson and Deloitte. After his 2005 retirement, John didn’t allow his intellect to rest. He recalls, “I wanted to continue to use my financial skills and experience to make a difference.” He became involved with companies such as SunTrust, Cousins Properties and Delta Airlines. 

So, you can see how much it means that this very knowledgeable, always-thinking man and his wife, Ann, chose Kingsboro at Lenbrook for their future residence. And, it means a lot that he thinks their move to Kingsboro at Lenbrook is just plain “smart.”

John beams, “I’m excited about Kingsboro. We have the benefit of being able to customize our home with a wide range of options. It’s easier to do this when it’s under construction rather than having to renovate an existing space.” And he adds, “Kingsboro has all of the advantages of being an integral member of Lenbrook, its 35-year history of excellence and its outstanding amenities.”

When it comes to Lenbrook, (like so many subjects!) John knows of what he speaks. After retirement, John served on the Lenbrook Board of Directors for 12 years. When John joined the board, he already knew Lenbrook had the reputation of being Atlanta’s premier senior living community. But during his more-than-a-decade tenure working with the community, he became even more impressed. “I was able to observe, up close, the entire management team and their culture of being open and transparent with the residents. Their philosophy always centered on making things even better.” And the expansion known as Kingsboro at Lenbrook is certainly proof of that. John and Ann are truly looking forward to their coming move. They will thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by sharp, vibrant and captivating people like themselves. Concludes John, “Two of the key ingredients to Lenbrook are the welcoming nature of its residents and the fact that many of them have fascinating life stories and careers.  That makes for rich, interesting gatherings.” And in the not-so-distant future, John and Ann Day will be the perfect addition to many gatherings like that.