Meet David Rock

May 26, 2020

When you meet David Rock, you’ll immediately notice he is extremely articulate, highly intelligent, and possesses a calm, pleasant demeanor. What may not be quite as obvious to the casual observer is that David is often spinning his wheels. Quite literally! Mr. Rock is an avid biker.

“Most days, if the weather is nice, I’ll be on my bike,” says David. “It’s my primary occupation.” And you won’t only find David pedaling along the streets around his home in Brookhaven, you may see him anywhere in the world! “I often go on biking tours. I’ve been all over Europe. Soon I’ll be headed with a friend to Tuscany. I think biking the Dolomite Valley in Italy for eight days was one of my favorite trips. It was a biking and eating extravaganza!”

Although David’s bike is often his touring companion, he has also explored a good part of the planet without it. He travels extensively. He loves France, Switzerland and was most surprised by Portugal. “I totally underestimated Portugal. It’s a fabulous country.”

And just because he may be on U.S. soil, that hardly means that David’s home. “One way or another, I’m traveling often,” claims David. That may mean snowmobiling in Yellowstone. Or chilling in the Highlands. He takes off to New York City quite a bit. He skis. He hikes. And enjoys surrounding himself with Martha’s Vineyard charm.

David is a native of Rochester, New York. He got an undergrad degree at Syracuse and then got his law degree from the University of Michigan. He became a tax and corporate attorney which landed him in Atlanta, where he eventually opened his own firm. During his very successful career, he achieved much and acquired many accolades. But says David, “Raising my family was my proudest accomplishment to date.” He has two adult children and four precious grandchildren.

David is one of the very active, engaged and interesting people who have committed to Kingsboro at Lenbrook. “I was so excited to hear about Kingsboro. I was one of the first people who made a deposit! Kingsboro is on a residential street. Yet, you have all the amenities of Lenbrook a short distance away. It really is the best of both worlds.”

Mr. Rock was drawn to Lenbrook’s fabulous new expansion by the new construction, the community’s stellar reputation, and the excellent amenities. (“I’m very impressed with the fine dining!”) But another important factor weighed in on his decision to make this his future home: “I like that Lenbrook is a not-for-profit. That was VERY important to me.” David feels that the not-for-profit business model has “tremendous value” and puts the interests of the residents, not shareholders first.

Several months from now, David will be enjoying his brand new, spacious and customized residence at Kingsboro at Lenbrook. He’ll be enjoying the on-site dining, Lenbrook’s exclusive musical performances and lectures as well as the off-site excursions. He’ll be sharing stories about his athletic endeavors and latest travel experiences with his new and like-minded neighbors… that is, if they can catch up to him on his bike!